It can be difficult to trace various editions of inscriptions, but fortunately help may be found:

Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum

Of course you should consult SEG via the indexes. For the online version you will find search instuctions HERE. Please not that you may need a subscription, to get direct full access to all results, but at least you can retreieve  a list of relevant lemmas.

Claros: Concordance of Greek inscriptions

The concordance site Claros  allows you to find out  quickly whether a particular inscription has been republished elsewhere. Note that the site may be slow or unresponsive, probably due to too many visitors.  It is often best to try again later. 

The University of Münster offers  an on-line concordance for IG to IG and IG to SEG (Also accessibe via IG site)

IG-SEG concordances

A concordance for the inscriptions in Rhodes-Osborne can be found here.

A concordance for the inscriptions in Osborne-Rhodes can be found here.

Click here for Concordances for CIL with earlier editions and addednda and corrigenda 

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