Epigraphy of Boiotia


CIG:  I, pars V: Inscriptiones Boeticae

IG VII  Inscriptiones Graecae, VII. Inscriptiones   Megaridis, Oropiae, Boeotiae, ed. Wilhelm Dittenberger. Berlin 1892.  (A reprint Chicago, 1995 contains by J.M. Fossey, Concordances and indices to Inscriptiones Graecae VII (IG VII).

The texts may be found in: PHI

IG VII2 As the number of Boiotian inscriptions has nearly doubled since the days of Dittenberger, a new edition is currently under preparation as  joint project of the French School at Athens and the Inscriptiones Graecae of the Berlin Academy. The new corpus of the inscriptions of central Boiotia will be published in several fascicles⁠1: Thebes, and Plataia; Thisbe; Koroneia;  Haliartos, Lebadeia and smaller cities such as Anthedon, Chorsiai and Siphai. “The corpus of inscriptions from central Boeotia will include a systematic presentation of philological and epigraphic sources on the region, and will be accompanied by a database containing a catalogue of the inscriptions posted and updated online, allowing researchers working in the area access to modern tools for the study of this rich and varied epigraphic material.” 

Individual sites in Boiotia:


ÉTIENNE (Rol.), KNOEPFLER (D.). Hyettos de Béotie et Ia chronologie des archontes fédéraux entre 250 et 171 avant J.-C. Paris, 1976. 408 P.; index (BCH, Suppl. 3). [List of federal archontes , index of strangers, prosopography of Hyettos]


Epigr. Tou Oropou. PETRAKOS (V). I epigrafes tou Oropou. Athens, 1997. 650 p.; index (Bibliothiki tis en Athines Archaiologikis Etairias, 170). 


IThespPaul Roesch, Les inscriptions de Thespies. A posthumous publication of the corpus  by Roesch was made available on-line by the 'laboratoire HISOMA' , Lyon.  http://www.hisoma.mom.fr/production-scientifique/les-inscriptions-de-thespies

Thematic collections: 

A. MANIERI, Agoni poetico-musicali nella Grecia antica. 1. Boeozia, Pisa-Roma, 2009 [Reviews in: BE 2010, 269, 279, 288, 291, 301, 305, 312, 315; W.J. SLATER, BMCR 2010.06.09]  This a systematic study of the music contests held in Boiotian cities: the Ptoia and Soteria in Akraiphia, the Basileia and Trophonia in Lebadeia, the Agrionia, Charitesia, and Homoloia in Orchomenos, the Amphiaraia and the ἆθλον Ἁλαι Νμφαι in Oropos, the Sarapieia in Tanagra, the Agrionia, Rhomaia, and Dionysia Herakleia in Thebes, and the Mouseia and Erotidaia in Thespiai. 

General bibliography:

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1 Y. Kalliontzis Corpus of the inscriptions of Central Boiotia in: Teiresias 2016 461.0..05

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